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Living Life With Intention

Mindful Ed is for people who want to learn Mindfulness Meditation, have a Mindful Relationship, be Mindful with money and reach financial independence early, live in a chemical free home, have work/life balance and be Mindful of their leisure time, be a mindful parent, consider what Mindful Education would look like, eat clean, green, whole food plant based and head for Mindful health.

What is Mindfulness? When can I practice Mindfulness?
What is Mindful Ed?

MIndful Ed is a  community of like minded people who are seeking answers to some of life's big questions?

How can I be happier?

How can I be healthier?

How can I gain true purpose and meaning from my life?

How can I be the kind of parent I always wanted?

How can I create a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family?

What does it mean to live a healthy and conscious life?

Mindful Ed offers solutions to some of the the big questions above.  Explore our site to find ways to really take charge of your own life and live the kind of life you were only dreaming was possible!

MIndful Ed is a web site, a blog and a facebook group.  Join our community and share your journey with others.

Globally minded people who are on a journey of self discovery and seeking to live in a cleaner, greener and more conscious way with intention.

Parents, Teachers, Teenagers,

Ex-pats, Couples....

Meet Carmen

Hi I'm the founder of Mindful Ed.  I am on my own journey of self discovery, self awareness.  I'm learning how to become more mindful and conscious of my foot print on the planet and the impact my choices and decisions have for myself, my family, my community and our planet. 


I invite you to join me on my journey as I share what I discover on my path.  I love to share resources, sources and recommendations for healthy living and support others as they become more aware and conscious of taking charge of their own lives.  Learn more...

Learn More About:   Ways to Lead a more Mindful and Conscious Life

Mindful Nutrition 

Mindful Health 

Mindful Education           

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