About Carmen

About Mindful Ed

Our main focus is:

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Support for internationally mobile families and teachers

  • Social and emotional support and skill building


We work with:

  • Adults, teenagers and children.

  • Families

  • Parents

  • Teachers

  • Schools and nurseries

We offer:

  • Individual consultations

  • Family sessions

  • Group workshops

  • Key note talks

  • School wide programmes

  • Teacher professional development

About Us

Our services support for
Families and Schools



  • Parenting support and education sessions and workshops

  • Social and emotional support is offered directly to children aged between 5 and 18 years.




  • Helping a school to introduce Mindfulness into their programmes.

  • Professional Development workshops offered for teachers.

  • Talks given to classes, school assemblies, parent groups or staff.

  • Supporting teachers new to ex pat life.

  • Focus on the ways to build supportive teacher/student relationships.

  • Support to applying the research related to a growth mindset.

  • Focus for social/emotional skill building programmes.

  • Focus on Bullying in schools.

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Carmen Benton

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Learn More About:   Ways to Lead a more Mindful and Conscious Life

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