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The Importance of Reading to Your Baby

Here are some good reasons to read to your baby as often as you can:

  • Your newborn baby is like a sponge absorbing new information at staggering rates.

  • Research has shown that a baby's brain is only 15% formed at birth yet by aged three the majority of the remaining 85% is formed.

  • Reading to your baby stimulates their senses which in turn helps their developing brains to grow.

  • Research has shown that reading with your baby may help them become successful in school.

  • Reading builds listening, memory and communication skills.

  • Reading helps develop your baby's concentration

Have you noticed how your voice becomes animated when you are reading to your baby?

Imagine how reassuring that is to your baby. Your baby loves to hear your voice and it calms and soothes them and helps them to feel loved and secure.  Your baby has been listening to you from inside your womb, so the sound of your voice when you are reading to baby...

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