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How to become a witness to your own thinking

These Mindfulness exercises help you become more aware of the impact your own thoughts are having on you.  With this awareness comes freedom.

 Consider the different types of thinking you experience.  Ask yourself these questions…

Are you aware of your inner dialogue?  Are you aware of the conversation you are having inside your own head?  The constant chatter, the noise. 

What does it sound like?  Can you literally hear a voice?  Whose voice is it?  Are you listening to this voice? 

What does it feel like to be aware that there is a voice?

As you become more aware of the internal chatter you have going on try and name it.  What would you call it if you had to give it a name?

Problem solving, remembering, reflecting, planning, re-hashing, ruminating, day dreaming, imagining…

Now think about how you feel when you are doing any of the above.

Anxious, excited, concerned, fearful, scared, relieved, annoyed….

As you bring your...