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Mindfulness After-School Activity Programme

Mindful Ed Afterschool Activity Programme: 
Mindfulness by Mindful Ed

Age groups: 

Best taught in three age groups:

Year 1 – Year 3

Years 4 – 6

Years 7 - 10

The structure: 

A series of weekly stand-alone classes that build on each other.  These classes are best suited to 45 min or 1 hour sessions for 8 – 10 weeks. These classes are suitable for groups of 10 – 25 students.

The programme:

The afterschool programme will follow the Mindful Schools Curriculum with additional activities from the Mind UP curriculum and adaptations for the international school model and be run by Carmen Benton, the founder of Mindful Ed. 


The focus of each week for Years 1 - 6:

Week One:

Introduction - Mindful Bodies & Listening

Mindfulness of Breathing - Finding your Base 


Week Two:

Heartfulness - Sending Kind Thoughts

Body Awareness

Week Three:

Mindfulness of Breathing - Staying at your base

Heartfulness - Generosity 

Week Four:                                                     


Mindful Seeing                                                                                                                                 

Week Five:

Heartfulness - Kind and Caring on the Playground 

Emotions - Creating Space or Show Me, Tell Me                                                                                           

Week Six:

Slow Motion     

Gratitude - Looking for the Good                                                                                                                Week Seven:


Mindful Eating                                                                                                                

Weeks Eight to Ten 

Mindfulness Review

Mindfulness Check Ins

Mindfulness Extra activities


Each session consists of two short practical lessons, and time for reflective recording in a Mindfulness journal.

Mindfulness Practice for 7 - 12 yr olds 


Mindfulness is a life skill.

It is the practice of focusing your attention on your senses, thoughts and emotions, noticing your experiences, without over identifying with them.


This mindfulness course for children builds on, improves and enhances their existing strengths by teaching powerful techniques to enable them to become less anxious and more focused.


By becoming more aware of their bodies and their thinking, children can learn to calm and soothe themselves, to focus when they need to, and to become aware of the messages in their emotions.

We will teach Mindfulness skills which enable children to learn ways to recognize when their attention has wandered as well as tools for impulse control. Rather than defining the word Mindfulness, we will plant the seeds of mindfulness by inviting the children to feel their experience first - to find their own still, quiet place within and to experience playful fun as they learn.  


Parents are invited to attend several sessions during the term so the children can share what they are learning.

This course follows the evidenced based curriculum of Mindful Schools.  A 10 week course which builds progressively on Mindfulness skills each week. 


Students will receive a Mindfulness Activity book and a certificate upon completion of the course.

The growing body of research on mindfulness in school-based contexts reveals the following list of core benefits:

  • Better Focus and Concentration

  • Increased Sense of Calm

  • Decreased Stress and Anxiety

  • Improved Impulse Control

  • Increased Self Awareness

  • Skillful Responses to Difficult Emotions

  • Increased Empathy and Understanding of Others

  • Development of Natural Conflict Resolution Skills


Facilitated by Carmen Benton founder of Mindful Ed. 


Carmen is a former school teacher, parent, and is founder of Mindful Ed, a Dubai based company which focuses on the teaching ex pat and local families the social and emotional skills needed for the 21st century.


Please contact Carmen at MIndful Ed to learn more or book a course for your school or nursery

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