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Mindfulness in School Programmes


The Mindful Ed mission is to support families and schools to become more Mindful in their approaches.  We are currently working with schools in Dubai, UAE.

From Mindful Ed, we offer several areas of support to schools based on your schools programmes, goals and needs.  Once we are aware of these  we can support to you create a bespoke programme to fit the values and needs of your school community.  We can work with your schools pastoral care team to create this programme.


We offer Mindfulness for all grade levels from nursery to year 13. 

We modify some well recognized research based Mindfulness in schools curriculums, bringing in the ex pat 3rd culture kid element.


Our founder, Carmen,  teaches Mindfulness to:  early years, primary and secondary, as well as to teachers and parents. She also speaks at school assemblies and conferences.


Ideally we'd want the whole school community to be Mindfulness practitioners. 


Different schools will have different needs and it is important to begin with good planning to ensure the goals of the school are being met.

Please do contact us at Mindful Ed, to book an initial meeting with Carmen so we can learn more about the needs of your school and community and work with you to begin to incorporate Mindfulness practices into your school.

Some ideas for offering Mindfulness in your school:


To teach Mindfulness only to classroom teachers and have them integrate the lessons into their programmes, or have it the focus of PSHE lessons. 


Or  Mindful Ed can teach Mindfulness directly to the students from all age groups, in planned lesson times.


Other schools choose to start by introducing Mindfulness at year level assemblies.


Ideally parents are taught separately as well. 


Mindfulness  can be offered as an after school activity.

Mindfulness in Schools

Download of copy of Mindful Ed's Mindfulness in Schools Information

What is the purpose of a Mindfulness in Schools Programme?

Mindfulness gives students a life-skill for tuning into their inner experiences, self-calming, and focusing their attention which will continue to serve them long after they have left school. (www.mindfuleducation.com.au)

Studies find that youth benefit from learning mindfulness in terms of improved cognitive outcomes, social-emotional skills, and well being. In turn, such benefits may lead to long-term improvements in life.  (www.mindfulschools.org)

Once children and young people begin to make the associations between what they are thinking, how they are feeling and how they are acting, they gain the power to make more mindful choices. To stop and pause, before they react. This self-regulation can lead to better focus in school, better cooperation with others and improved self-awareness and self-control. (www.mindup.org)

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