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Parenting Mindfully

Parenting support can be given either privately to your family or via a 10 hr course taken with others.  If you would like to run a course please contact Mindful Ed.


Althernatively, parenting support can be given as part of a personal development consultancy to support a child or teenager.

Please contact Carmen at Mindful Ed to learn which would be the best learning model for your family and your needs.

Individual Parenting Consultancy Sessions


Each session is up to 90mins and is for parents only, and not the children to attend.  Family sessions are possible, to support skill building, but these can be worked into the sessions.  These sessions can be conducted in my private office, or your home.  It is ideal to allow for at least 2 sessions but families may wish to have up to 5 sessions in order to support change and new skill development.

These sessions are for parents seeking support at a difficult time, or for parents seeking to become more mindful as a parent.  Often we, as parents, tend to parent in the way we were parented and this style can be in direct conflict to way we wish to.  Today children are seeking parents who are more responsive to their needs in a more authoritative way, rather than authoritarian.

Parenting support for 2 -5 yrs

Private sessions for parents of toddlers and pre-schoolers. These sessions focus on supporting you with common issues such as: SET (sleeping, eating and toileting), creating an effective discipline plan, support starting nursery or school, social skill building and more.


Parenting support for 6 - 11 yrs

Parenting support for elementary aged children. Common issues are: anxiety and fears, creating an effective discipline plan, school issues, making friends, sibling rivalry, learning about parenting style.


Parenting Support for 10-12yrs (tweens)

Parenting Support for children in the tweens. Common issues are: making friends, limits and boundaries, screen and IT time and use, school issues, effective discipline, choosing the right secondary school, learning needs, parent/child relationship building. These sessions are also available with the child only.

Parenting Support for Teenagers

Parenting Support for Teeagers 13 - 19 yrs. Common issues are: Need for respect, setting boundaries and making agreements, relationship building with family, sibling rivarly, motivation for learning, stress and anxiety, friendship issues. These sessions can be either with the parents or with the teenager.

The Structure of  running the Parenting Mindfully Course at a school/nursery:


It is ideal to spend 10 hrs over a number of weeks engaging with others to become a more Mindful parent.


Depending on the needs of the parent community this course can be offered in a number of ways:

  • A 1 hr free taster/introduction to Parenting Mindfully can be offered

  • A 5 week course of 2 hr sessions either after morning drop off, or before afternoon pick up.

  • A 7 week course of 1.5 hr sessions either after morning drop off, or before afternoon pick up.

  • A full day weekend workshop of 5 hrs over two different weekends.


It is ideal to run the course for parents of specific age groups such as:

  • 1 – 4 years

  • 5 – 7 years

  • 8 – 12 years

  • Teenagers

 This allows for the material to be age group focused and supports the discussions and support parents offer each other.  Parents of multi age groups, select the group they join for the child they want to focus on the most.

The courses can be run in conjunction or one each term depending on the needs of the school.

Number of participants:  This course is ideal for a small group of 10 – 15 parents.  It is ideal for both parents to attend the course together, however, the course is suitable for one parent only. 



Parenting Mindfully Group Course

Research on Mindful Parenting showed that parents who reported more mindful parenting engaged in more positive and less negative parenting behavior, which was then linked to more positive behavior in their kids—meaning less anxiety, depression, and acting out.  (www.mindfulorg.com)

Learn how to parent in a more conscious and authoritative way.  Gain new skills, new strategies and new understanding on how to parent your child in a deeply rewarding and meaningful way. 


The focus of this course is to support you to enrich your life as a parent and learn how to nourish the internal life of your children.


This course was written by Carmen, founder of Mindful Ed, and is based on the work of Positive Discipline in which Carmen is a certified Parenting Educator as well as the works of: Mindfulness for Parents by Mylan and Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mindful Discipline by Dr. Sauna Shapiro and Third Culture Kids by David Pollock and Ruth Van Reken.   


Parents who are current Mindfulness practitioners will gain insights to support their own practice and learn how to use it to become more Mindful as a parent.  The course is also suitable for those new to Mindfulness yet are seeking to parent in a more conscious way. 

Course Outcomes:  


  • Learn how to avoid power struggles and invite cooperation

  • Focus on effective encouragement techniques

  • Gain alternatives to punishments without being permissive

  • Learn how to teach children to self-regulate

  • Focus on solutions without blame and shame

  • Teach children how to handle strong emotions

This course is able to be run in schools and nurseries as well as privately for small groups or the material can be used for private one on one sessions with families. 

Please contact Carmen at MIndful Ed to learn more or book a course for your school or nursery.

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