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Personal Development Consulting

Mindful Ed offer private one on one individual Personal Development Training sessions of up to 90 min for children, teenagers and adults.  Often these involve the whole family.  They can be for the child/teen, the parents, the siblings, or/and the whole family together.


Individual Personal Development Training focuses on the life skills needed to become happier and more fulfilled in your life. Skills such as: Mindfulness, Anger Management, Communication Skills, Setting life goals, Emotional processing, Stress Management enable each of us to live in the present moment and reach our true potential.

These are highly confidential sessions and are conducted in either your home, my private office, your child's school, or a neutral setting. 

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Personal Development Consulting for children 4 - 10 years

Personal Development Consulting for tweens and teeangers 11 - 19 years

Personal Development Consulting for adults

Parenting  Support

Personal Development Consulting:  for Children Aged 4 - 11 yrs



These sessions focus on the child's social and emotional needs, working towards greater emotional awareness and increased interpersonal skills.  The work is based on emotionally supporting your child, helping them process any issues they are facing and then building up the emotional and social skills needed to cope better.  These sessions are family focused and can include the parents, or separate parenting support.  We also can work with teachers and counsellors in the school setting to create a circle of support for the child. 

These sessions are not for children displaying high level mental health issues or those needing specific academic skills.

Why? Who would benefit from these sessions?

Children who are:

  • going through the separation of their parents.

  • struggling with loss and/or bereavement.

  • displaying anxious behaviours which are beginning to impact on their lives.

  • displaying 'big' emotions such as anger and need support to regulate it.

  • struggling to cope socially and need support with these skills.

  • struggling with school and need support in addition to what the school can provide.                                                                              (This is for emotional and social skill building and not specific academic skill building.)

  • going through a 'big' change such as moving school, house, or city.

  • struggling with their self identity, self esteem and self confidence issues.

  • struggling with sibling rivalry or bullying.

  • struggling with issues of using the toilet.

  • struggling with eating issues.

  • struggling with falling asleep alone, or staying in their own bed.


What happens in these sessions?

The first assessment session:  This is ideally in person and with either one parent or both parents and not the child.  During this session I need to understand the background to the issues you are facing and the concerns that you have.  I need to learn as much as possible about your family situation, learn about your child and what you have tried already that either worked or didn't work. 

During this session we will come up with the plan that is needed to support you and your child.  This may be parenting sessions whereby I teach you the skills that are needed to support your child, and I continue to support you as you work with your child.  This may also be a combination of me working alone with your child, or you and I working together with them.  This may also be a good time for me to meet your child, just to say hi, to put them at ease,  so they can begin to get to know me.  It may also be best for me to meet your child in the second session.

During this first session I will explain to you, and then again with your child when I meet them that anything that happens in these sessions is highly confidential. 

Second session with the child:  Parents are always welcome and able to be present at every session that we have.  It is up to your child if they would like you to stay for the session. 

The first session with your child is focused on getting to know each other.  In order to feel safe and secure with someone it is important to feel comfortable with them.  For some children this can take a few moments and for others it can take several sessions.  During this time we might play games, draw together, play with a ball, or any other playful activities that are needed for your child to feel at ease.  Then I find out from your child about their school, family, hobbies, interests, hopes and dreams.  It may be that we are able to begin to focus on the issues at hand, but it may be that this first session is more about helping your child learn to trust me and get to know me.  I also share who I am and what I do.

Third and future sessions:  During these sessions the focus is on allowing your child time to emotionally connect with and process any difficulties they have been having in a safe environment.  The focus is then on working in a play based/playful way to build up the emotional and/or social skills needed to cope with the issues your child is needing.  Each session is based in Mindfulness, and children are taught Mindfulness skills to help them cope with stress, anxiety and learn productive skills to become more focused and calm.  During the sessions we use worksheets, handouts, write on a white board to create a mind map or make plans, we use journals, and children create their own notes.  Each session is activity based, as children of this age are too young to just sit still and talk, they learn more by doing, so we keep as busy as is needed in a playful way.

When it is necessary I will report back to you what we have covered in the sessions.  At times your child may reflect on what we have covered and share this with you at the end of these session with my support, or I may need to have a few moments with you after the session to share.

How many sessions are needed?

This is based on the work that is needed, the situation and your child's needs.  Some children may only come for 2 -4 sessions, others may need a regular on-going weekly session.  This is determined based on what you child needs and what is possible time wise.

How do I book a session?

Please contact Carmen of Mindful Ed to book your assessment session or to learn more.

Personal Development Consulting:   For Teenagers and Tweens

Tweens are 11 and 12 year olds.  Teenagers from 13 - 19 years.

These sessions are for any tweens and teens who are needing someone to support them through a difficult time other than their family and school.  It is the initial support for social and emotional skill building, and is the first step before a family seeks mental health evaluations.  It is not for teenagers seeking academic support or those showing severe mental health issues. 

As a neutral third person, who has experience working with this age group, I can be the bridge between family and school.  Children in this age group are individualizing and often begin seeking an identity separate from their family.  Some teens are almost programmed to disagree with their parents, or push against boundaries at home and school and they can benefit from working with someone neutral to help them gain a new perspective.  Sometimes, parents, can be too close to a teenager to be able to support them, and schools can lack the time needed to support.  Parents can also be needing support as well.

 Why?  Who would benefit from these sessions?

Tweens and Teenagers who are:

  • Struggling with authority from home and school.Pushing the boundaries and experiencing the consequences.

  • Becoming stressed, anxious and under pressure in ways that begin to impact on their lives.

  • Becoming very negative and experiencing low moods.

  • Struggling with self esteem, self identity and self confidence.

  • Struggling with body image issues and/or puberty changes.

  • Unable to regulate their emotions such as anger/disapointment/loss.

  • Struggling socially and/or experiencing bullying.

  • Going through parental separation.

  • Struggling settling into life in Dubai, or a new school.

  • Needing support with communication skills.

  • Needing to gain more executive functioning skills such as:planning, organisation,                                                                                 time management, task initiation, emotional regulation.


What happens in these sessions?

Assessment session:  For tweens (11 - 12 year olds) it is best that the first assessment session is with the parents alone and not the child.  This enables me to learn your perspective about the issues at hand and ensure you are able to share your desired outcomes for your child.  For younger teenagers, this assessment session can be held over the phone or be for the first 20mins of the session.  It may not be necessary for an assessment session with parents of the 16 - 19 year olds.  The key to this assessment session is for each person: teenager and parents, to express what the issues are from their perspective and the goals they are seeking.  It is also to ensure the boundaries of confidentiality are clearly stated. 

Future sessions:  I am very clear with teenagers that they are the ones leading and guiding these sessions.  They need to feel safe, and free to share what is pressing and on their mind at this time as well as the goals they have for leading a life they seek.  Many teenagers express the feeling that 'no one is listening' so these sessions need to be the times when a teen feels heard and able to express freely.  They also need to learn to trust me, and therefore it is important they know I will not share with their parents or teachers anything they ask me not to.  I do, however, strongly encourage them to share anything I believe their parents should know.  These sessions are often quite experiential.  Many teens don't want to just sit, so we work with worksheets, handouts, write on a white board to create a mind map or make plans,  use journals, and teens create their own notes.  Mindfulness practices are explored each session.

How many sessions are needed?

This depends on how long it takes a teenager to feel comfortable with me, and how willing they are to do the 'work' necessary to access the change they are seeking.  It equally depends on the initial needs they have that bring them to the sessions.  For some one or two sessions are all that is needed, for others a weekly, on-going session is needed during or after, the difficult time.

How do I book a session?

Please contact Carmen of Mindful Ed to book your assessment session or to learn more.

Personal Development Consulting:  For Adults

These sessions are for adults who are seeking confidential support during a difficult time.  At times our friends, family, partners may not be able to 'be' there for us in the ways we need and this is a time when it is important to seek the support of someone, who is skilled at listening with compassion and empathy.  Our family and friends often want to fix, rescue or solve our problems for us.  They can be co-dependent and therefore unable to allow us to journey through a difficult time without wanting to make it better for us.   These session enable you to be with someone who is able to help you process, talk, and support you to find your own solutions.  These sessions are a safe place to connect with your feelings, and many times people feel free to cry and release pain this way. 

Many people are also seeking new life skills such as: Mindfulness, Anger Management, Communication Skills, Setting life goals, Emotional processing, Stress Management and these session support this skill building.

These sessions are not for people with high level needs who are needing medical mental health support.  These sessions are for indiviudals and not for couples seeking couple/marriage counselling.

Why?  Who would benefit from these sessions?

Adults who are:

  • Stressed, under pressure and finding it difficult to cope.

  • Seeking to be in a fulfilling relationship and struggling to find one.

  • Aware that they have not resolved issues from their own childhood and the impact is beginning                                                         to show in their adult lives.

  • Struggling with self-esteem,self-worth and self-confidence issues.

  • Seeking work/life balance.

  • Struggling with the issues of ex-pat life.

  • Struggling to find joy and fulfilment in their lives.

  • Struggling with emotional loss.

  • Needing support with communication skills.

  • Needing support with anger issues.

  • Needing support to create a life plan that is more in line with the life they wish to lead. Those seeking direction.

  • Seeking to lead a healthier and more present, conscious and fulfilling life.


What happens in these sessions?


Assessment session:  During this first session it is necessary to share details of your life and what brings you to seeking support.  Often we discover that what brings people to seek support isn't necessarily the issue that we end up focusing on, it can often be the presenting issue.  We discuss confidentiality and create a plan of support for you.  We are able to begin 'work' in this first assessment session.


Future sessions:  It is advisable for people to come weekly for a short period of time (8 sessions over 8 weeks) if they are ready to makes changes in their lives to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.  This is the length of time it can take to bring on and invite change and begin to be able to access new skills.  During these sessions, this is talking based support, however we also use a white board to create visual images of your journey which becomes your personal handout of sorts you can photograph and keep on your phone, people are also encouraged to journal, handouts are given, and recommended reading is given.  The journey of change becomes personal and is created together.  The pace and speed is determined by you.

How do I book a session?

Please contact Carmen of Mindful Ed to book your assessment session or to learn more.

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