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Free Video Series with the Author of The Untethered Soul, Michael A. Singer


New! Michael A. Singer’s FREE 3-part mini course, “The Mind Can Be a Dangerous Place or a Great Gift”

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If like me (and over 4,500 others who left a review on Amazon.com) you read Michael A. Singer's book The Unthethered Soul then you would have begun a journey of trying to gain mastery over your own mind! 


It is a book you need to read again and again in order to really begin to fully embrace the message.  Many have said the audio version is a wonderful way to experience this book, but I personally have only read it and am yet to try the audio. So when I learnt of the video series I figured this was an even more powerful way to gain more insights.


People who have read The Unthethered Soul  said:


"Never have I read a book that so radically transformed the way I think. It was remarkably freeing to become so aware of how much I allowed my own thoughts to run my life."


"When I realized the shift needed to be made within ME for me to be OK in life, total game changer! I let everyone off the hook and stepped into unconditional peace and unconditional joy! Have you ANY idea what life is like when your own peace/joy is totally UNCONDITIONAL? It means you don't need anyone to change or be different for you to be happy. It means no-one outside yourself controls how you FEEL. It means you're no longer an emotional puppet on the string of everyone else's behavior, attitudes, decisions, choices, etc. YOU feel inner joy/peace no matter what. Hello?! Total game changer!

It is a book that offers profound insights into what"


 I was extremely excited to see that Michael Singer was offering a course entitled  'Living From A Place of Surrender' and that he has also put out a free 3 part video series as an introduction to this.  I therefore wanted to share this free series with the Mindful Ed community as it is a wonderful experience for any seeking to learn more from Michael.


Please note that this link will take you to the Sounds True platform where you can learn more about the free video series and course if you wish to go further again.  Going through this link will support the work of Mindful Ed and will cost you no extra.  

Wishing you well on your journey,


With love



How would you describe your relationship with your mind?Would you say it’s good? Terrible? Somewhere in between?


Michael A. Singer, author of The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment, has created a three-part “mini-course”  Living from a Place of Surrender that focuses on these all-important questions.


In the first video, Michael explores the consequences of an out-of-control mind and the struggle to “fix inner problems using the outside world.”


Sign up to watch  all three videos in “The Mind Can Be a Dangerous Place or a Great Gift” series.

In Video #2, Michael reveals the deeper, intuitive, and creative levels of the mind that each one of us is born with. 












Michael A. Singer’s FREE 3-part mini course, “The Mind Can Be a Dangerous Place or a Great Gift”


Do you ever have difficulty with the things your mind tells you? In our opening video, Michael explores the struggle to “fix inner problems using the outside world” and the consequences of an out-of-control mind.

Each one of us has an incredibly brilliant and beautiful mind, when we’re using it the way it was intended. In our second video, Michael reveals the deeper, intuitive and creative levels of the mind that are universally accessible.

In our final video, Michael reveals a transformational inner process of “spiritual purification” where we release unconscious patterns in order to restore the natural flow of our energy.






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